Dynavision D2

The Dynavision D2 is the leading visual motor and neurocognitive rehabilitation and sports training device.  Athletes of all ages and levels train on Dynavision devices to improve reaction time, peripheral visual awareness and decision making under stress.  These advantages develop better  sports field vision and help to avoid blind side hits.  Professionals to high school athletes and everyone in between have used the Dynavision customized programs that are specific to their sport and position.


Baseline concussion testing using 7 unique tests, with separate tests for each hand, have been used extensively as a tool for providing a quantitative assessment of the athlete's status prior to concussion.  If a concussion does occur, then the Dynavision baseline test is used to quantitatively assess the concussion and rehabilitate the athlete so that the return to play decision is based on numerical results.  

Players that have previously trained on the Dynavision will experience faster return to play after a concussion due to the strengthening of the neural pathways in their brain.


Baseline concussion testing should be done every year prior to the start of that sport's season.  The test takes about 10 minutes per player.

To see the Dynavision in action, please click on the CTV video.

There is a discount for sports teams greater than 10 players that book together.  Book online as a team at the discounted rate of $55 per athlete per test.


Dynavision Baseline Concussion Test:                $60

Team discount (10+ players):                              $55

Dynavision Brain Training  &   Rehab:               $75

(Each customized session runs for 30 minutes and is specifically tailored to the needs of the individual )

Dynavision For Learning Disabilities:

Dynavision is not only used for athletes!

Dynavision's unique customized protocols can help to strengthen cognition and decision making for those who are impaired by stroke, TBI and concussions.  Practice on the Dynavision can help to build the affected neural pathways and offers objective assessment and rehabilitation of these disorders.  

Of special note is the improvements that can be seen with Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD and ADHD).  Students benefit from practice on the Dynavision resulting in better decision making and concentration under stress. 

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Dynavision Neuro-cognitive Testing, Rehab and Training